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You're a leader. 

Sometimes what you need most is an experienced peer.   

Someone you may confide in and trust without reservation, who can help you navigate the competing pressures of your unique business.  Help you frame / reframe the needs.  Stand with you while motivating the board.  Evolve board leadership.  Find another way to increase the energy and fully engage the passions for your mission you know are strong, but quiet.  Stand with you as you reach out to funders and potential funders, community supporters and potential supporters.  Discuss in complete confidence ways you can help others better see and support your non-profit as the solution. 



Lance Olson + Associates offers technical assistance consultation tailored specifically to your unique situation.  Most often, this is a mixture of “management confidential” mentoring and “board-confidential” evaluation of options.  Typically this leads to organizational planning and change, and is expressed by stakeholder engagement, grant writing, and institutional marketing.


I am a former performing arts center executive director with 35+ years of not-for-profit management experience.  I’ve operated, rejuvenated, reactivated, built or programmed 22+ performing arts venues, in markets ranging from greater New York to a 4,500-resident rural farm community.  I thrive on complexity, and seek answers to the questions waiting to be asked... MORE



When you steward a historic theatre you understand pride of unique place.  How do you communicate that advantage, and convert it to increased fundraising, increased attendance, and civic leadership? 


As a leader of the League of Historic American Theatres... MORE


Physical theater forms are accessible across cultures, by people with different backgrounds, and transcend age and arts experience.  They are living arts.  They must be experienced in real time, in proximate space, where we feel the strength, beauty, expertise, and danger – the connection to story-telling around the campfire... MORE

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