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You get just one chance to come in on time and under budget.  

Whether this is your first or fifth construction project, you need an independent eye to get it done right!

Owner's Rep


Every project has an enormous number of "moving parts."  The owner's rep keeps track of them all.


I translate between you the owner, the architects, the contractors, and your financial team.  I understand gold leaf and dutch metal, scagliola and marezzo, terra cotta and tile types, the pitch of a theater chair and the slope of the floor.  I speak ADA and can help you understand the need behind the rule.  I speak Source Four LEDs, moving lights, tension wire grids, and head blocks (not to mention Equity cots!) 

Project Planning


On time, under budget, and stay in operation for as long as possible! 


The key is careful phasing and construction management from an operator’s perspective.  Having been a leader in 22+ performing arts venues – operating, restoring, building, funding, and programming – I bring the experience you need!

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